Steve and Heidi Katz


Our Mission is to provide independent salons comprehensive support to ensure their growth and success through the delivery of proven systems, meaningful education and high performance exclusive salon products which will result in personal and financial rewards for the salon professionals we serve, the vendors we represent and family members we employ.

Our Heritage: Born of Necessity

Beautyscope was founded in 2002 by Steve and Heidi Katz who grew up professionally in the company culture of Davidson Beauty Supplies.  Steve led the company’s sales and Heidi directed marketing, purchasing and education.  As a privately owned company, focusing on the beauty industry, Davidson was able to promote success through personalized, individual attention and education.

In 2000 when Davidson was sold to a large, international conglomerate, Steve and Heidi could see that the company culture was going to change dramatically.  The new company would focus primarily on the bottom line by eliminating people and processes that didn’t show immediate profit such as individualized education and localized shipping; doing business with fewer employees and services.  Seeing a less fulfilling future, they resigned and purchased a chain of 12 salons called Impressions with location in Northern Virginia, Fredericksburg and Richmond.  It wasn’t long before Steve and Heidi found that the local beauty supply distributors from whom they were now buying products were not providing the kind of personalized service that promoted salon success.  Searching for a distributor partner that would offer product-supportive education, enabling their stylists to develop their craft and make more money; a partner who could help with management skills, front desk training and brand development, they found none.

After 2 years of developing exclusive success programs for their salons from their vast experience, Steve and Heidi decided it was time to share what they had learned with other salons.  Beautyscope was born.

Once the decision to start Beautyscope was made, Steve and Heidi searched for a Team that shared their passion for the industry, and who would bring valuable experience and know-how to the table.  At the same time, they began the search for professional-only salon brands that shared their philosophy of individualized attention, exceptional service and technical/business educational programs that would help salons grow and profit.  With each year, Beautyscope has grown in talent and product diversity, building a supportive culture focused on profitable partnerships with the salons that have given Beautyscope the honor of their business.

Our Location

Avoid the heavy tolls!

From the North: Take Route 7 to 28 south, Exit at Ashburn/Waxpool Rd. Left at second light onto Broderick, right onto Moran, right onto Acacia Lane.

From the East and South: Take Dulles toll road west, exit at 28 North. Exit 28 onto Sterling Blvd. West. Right at Pacific Blvd. Left onto Moran. Right onto Acacia Blvd.

From the West: Dulles Greenway South, exit at Rte 606 East. Left at first light by train station. Right at stop sign onto Moran. Left onto Acacia Lane.

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