To helping stylists create premium hair color began over 30 years ago with game-changing color tools designed specifically for professional hair colorists. Since then, Product Club has evolved from a small start-up to a leading provider of best-in-class hair coloring tools, salon accessories, and groundbreaking education.


With a progressive idea to create hair color gloves primarily for the professional beauty industry, Product Club quickly grew and advanced to developing premium hair color tools. As our business expanded, we began focusing our expertise on developing more innovative and carefully chosen products to inspire and elevate the craft of professional colorists. Today, our extra-long black vinyl gloves, pre-cut pop-up hair foil, and hair color paint brushes continue to transform the way that colorists express their artistry.


Today, we are proud to have a strong partnership with a team of passionate educators, ambassadors, and influencers, who deliver exceptional hair color education through classes, workshops, online tutorials, and social media. Our educational programs focus on current yet timeless techniques to create rich, beautiful color and we continue to inspire our loyal audience of professional colorists just as they inspire us.


As a premium hair color accessories brand, our mission is to continue to focus on what we do best – providing high-quality tools and valuable education to professional colorists to help them elevate their craft and excel in the industry.