1985: A Foil Revolution

FRAMAR™ started out as a love story when Frank was doing Maria’s (FRA-MAR) hair and soon became a couple. After getting hitched and having their first child, Frank went to England to take a hair coloring class; that’s where he discovered the use of foil in the hair industry. He knew this was something he wanted to implement into his salons, eliminating cap and needles. After a little digging, and a lot of testing, Frank and Maria cofounded Framar Enterprises™ in 1986.

Now we’re Here

To date, Framar continues to grow as a family and business introducing… you guessed it, another child, but this time a grandchild for Frank & Maria! All while also launching sales internationally in over 40 countries and growing! Framar now makes over 100 products 

including foil, dispensers, accessories, gloves, furniture, brushes, and more! Branded as a company that caters to the people, Framar’s main inspiration is to make.products for the salon professional that promotes excitement in a stylist’s day to day life!